Good old times

My roots run deep

« Some old family archives attest that growing vines has been a long family tradition since 1792 in La Neuville-aux- Larris, But my first memories are those shared with my paternal grandparents. Julien and Sylvie were modest-size wine growers and cultivated a small area of vineyards. At that time, harvests were irregular and often poorly paid. The only way to earn a living and survive involved many activities: livestock farming, raising poultry, picking and cutting firewood.

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At that time, the kid I was, tried to help them to cultivate land in a respectable farming environment. I collected straw and hay for the rabbits and the horse, I harvested potatoes, I collected the eggs in the yard and of course I started learning how taking care of our vineyards.

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Over there, in the vineyards and fields, our respectable living soil was not pretty easy to work. Most of the time it was heavy and sticky… However I keep good memories and I will never forget the hard work and the team spirit that kept us all together.»

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