Le Hameau de Paradis

« A very special vine is located 2km from the Neuville-aux-Larris, below a small locality called "Le Hameau de Paradis". This true gem is the first vine planted by my father in 1956 and baptized “« La Vigne du Souvenir” (Vine of Remembrance).

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On this plot I was taught the noble profession of winegrower. This old vine has a very low yield but produces high-quality grapes with a singular taste.. This plot enables me to harvest grapes to produce my most prestigious Cuvées and in particular the Cuvée “Rosé de Macération” (a Champagne produced from a short maceration of Pinot Noir). This wine has an extraordinary power to induce a panel of enchanting red fruit fragrances…
« La Vigne du Souvenir” (Vine of Remembrance) is an exceptional vine. I would never be able to sell it. Every season this vine reminds me the happiness of the good old days. Would this plot have a soul ...?»

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